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THIS SHOULD HAVE COME AT THE END OF MY ARTICLE, BUT I'M PUTTING IT AT THE BEGINNING http://www.pathlights.com/ce_encyclopedia/24why.htm

I discovered after I had written all of what follows, the above amazing website. It proved my theory, which grew on me over many years, that whatever my role and mission in life, others would have prepared the way before me, since I could not possibly research it all myself.


Where necessary, everything is spoken about as if it were Intelligent!

Where this is not possible, it is quietly left unspoken.

So, we have sea creatures staggering on to the land to learn how to breathe oxygen! In other words, to learn how to evolve! Maybe they had a few pints of Guinness first before attempting such lunacy.

Of course, there are no fossils, or records of any kind to substantiate this, so nothing is said about that.

I mean economy is a virtue, so why waste words when they might upset your delicate case of nonsense.

Caterpillars learn how to start developing/evolving butterflies inside themselves. It's worth the effort as it only takes a few million years or so of trial and error to get it right.

What causes some things to combine together? Well it's Some Force 'out there'.

What causes some things to separate? Some Force.

Cute isn't it?

A vague and woolly idea that's full of holes, that was enthusiastically embraced by Intelligent scientists everywhere. Why?

How long did it take us to evolve a sense of humour? A few million years, of course. Wouldn't you love to be able to see those millions of steps of trial and error, failed attempts to develop - oh, sorry, I mean evolve the old sense of humour.

Species after species is listed as seeming to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere fully formed, puzzle puzzle, yet still the penny doesn't drop. We just don't have the records available to show, so what? Science can be flexible! Just because you can't provide evidence doesn't mean you're not mad!

How many different things can you evolve at the same time, I wonder? Is there some orderly process of evolving a fully formed body? Would evolution have been evolving my (prototype) heart at the same time as my lungs, liver and kidneys? These organs are now each fully indispensable to one another, in fact millions of different components of my body are absolutely vitally essential to drawing my next breath. So what was the order of procedure in evolving me?

Page after page, sailing away merrily on the Sea of Evolution. Tripping off the tongue like so many lemmings. This evolved into this, and that evolved into that, hey ho and away we go.

Let's take another look at the non-science nonsense of evolution.

I decided to investigate, real scientist here! I decided to investigate the literature on how caterpillars turn into butterflies. First shot up on google was shite. A kids poem about caterpillars turning into butterflies. The second site was about how to change your life! The third site was kids' poems. The fourth site was about Jesus changing us from caterpillars into butterflies. Yet this site produced an interesting thing I hadn't thought about. Do caterpillars give birth to caterpillars or do butterflies? It seems that caterpillars are not in the reproduction business, that the butterflies give birth to caterpillars! "During the nap time most of the organs and other tissues of the caterpillar break down, turning into a semiliquid. From this material are formed the wings, legs, and other parts of the adult. At last the adult is ready to wake up and become a butterfly or moth. This is a most unusual life cycle, yet it was the Creators pleasure to cause caterpillars to turn into butterflies through this remarkable process"

This is a God site obviously.

Now during this time, is the caterpillar/butterfly soup alive or what! These science books talk glibly about life doing this and that. It's really just another handy word for the Force, isn't it? Makes for a bit of variety and of course camouflage of the basic problem that we simply don't know what is behind our existence. That's a simple fact that scientists don't say much about. Don't tell the children. Far better to spout a load of nonsense that to let the kids know that we actually don't know everything, how about don't know anything for sure. Let me know if you come across a statement like this in a respectable science book: we haven't got a clue how the universe came into existence. We haven't the foggiest notion of the Origin or Prime Cause. But we have lots of complicated Theories that are full of holes and contradictions to keep us busy.

So I feel that my spurt of ambition to explore caterpillars and butterflies is rapidly running out of steam. All I want to know in this day and age of subquantum physics and electron microscopes is this: exactly and precisely, what are the steps whereby a caterpillar dissolves into soup and reconfigures itself as a butterfly? That's not too much to ask, is it?

But surely I've just thought of the Biggest Question of All! Scientists claim that Evolution is all about ruthless Survival of the Fittest. Organisms mutate in order to improve their chances of survival, they become more complex so that they can do more things. It's just hit me that this caterpillar and butterfly thing may hit the jackpot. Evolution that spends millions of years evolving a caterpillar, or was it a butterfly!! . . . . and then . . . . .

Doesn't this alone destroy the whole Theory of Evolution by any standards of Logic, Reason or Intelligence? How the hell can you spend millions of years evolving from slime into a caterpillar, and then, hey presto, dissolve yourself into soup and become a butterfly! How the hell can Ernie Evolution evolve a Double Evolution within an Evolution at the same time!!

Now I have a sneaking suspicion, but it might be just my bad mind, that if I explore further, I may find that evolutionary scientists are strangely silent about our little caterpillars and butterflies. Let's see. I now google for "what does evolution say about caterpillars and butterflies".

I have to admit that the God site makes more sense. Read it for yourself at http://www.abetterhope.com/creation/butterfly.html

There is also of course the stunning variety of butterfly types. What was this for? Survival of the Fittest?

Many butterflies live on only one type of food and if they can't find it, they starve. What sort of Evolution is this, that took millions of years to evolve such levels of personal security!

"Jesus created the earth and all that is in it. His universe is remarkable in its complexity and beauty of design. Much of it is strange and we could ask, "Why did He do it this way?" The butterflies are one of His especially beautiful creations. The more we study them the more we see the wisdom, power, and abilities of Jesus the Creator and Designer." (op cit)

I don't want anybody to think I'm proposing God or Jehovah or Jesus for the post, so don't get your knickers in a knot. I like to keep an OPEN MIND.

If we look at the above phrase, 'Much of it is strange and we could ask, "Why did He do it this way?" ', it raises a major issue. To my mind, evolution as it is promoted, would have to have reduced everything down to just one final organism or whatever, The Fittest, The Champ! Show me where my logic is lacking in this. Surely the stunning variety of species demonstrates the complete opposite of the Survival of the Fittest. If Evolution had wanted to impress us with ITS amazing artistic ability and sheer joy in abundance of designs, IT could not have done a better job. However and unfortunately and obviously, I think, Evolution as it has been promoted is totally loveless. I mean, come on now really, ERNIE had to have evolved our emotions as well. I wonder if there is a branch of evolutionary science that explains that. Is there any point in me continuing to spill out words when I'm not even washed yet this morning? Sitting here like a mad scientist.

In Evolutionary terms, this metamorphosis is a complete waste of time. Millions of years evolving a bloody caterpillar and then, or was it then, or before, or after or . . . . . anyway then another few million years evolving a butterfly that comes out the caterpillar that comes out of a butterfly!!

I fear greatly that Mr Ernie Evolution simply is not up to this particular job.


Butterflies - The Miracle Of Metamorphosis November 2002 One of the most amazing things in God's Creation is the everyday miracle of the metamorphosis of insects. The word metamorphosis simply means great change and great change is indeed what happens as caterpillars change into butterflies The design and complexity of metamorphosis is best illustrated in the Monarch butterfly. The life cycle of a Monarch starts when the mother Monarch lays her egg on the milkweed plant. The almost microscopic egg matures in three days and an incredibly tiny caterpillar emerges, the larva stage of its development. The tiny caterpillar is now little more than an eating machine consuming more then its own weight in food every day. After three weeks the caterpillar grows to its full size and then searches for a place to attach itself to as it turns itself into a Monarch Butterfly chrysalis, the pupa stage in its development. It attaches itself to a solid surface and then covers itself with a liquid that comes right out of its body. In only two minutes it transforms from caterpillar to chrysalis and here is where the amazing change begins. For the first thing that the caterpillar does inside its chrysalis is to release chemicals stored in its body and dissolve itself into a liquidy mush. Note: Butterflies come out of chrysalises and moths come out of cocoons. Out of this liquidy mush the body, head, wings and internal organs are formed. In only 8 days a full size Monarch butterfly emerges. 

The question that has intrigued humanity for centuries is this, how does the mush organize itself into the incredible complexity that is a butterfly? For the caterpillar mush is truly mush. There is no brain or apparent pattern in the mush, but obviously there is one for all Monarch caterpillars turn into Monarch butterflies. Entomologists have studied this mystery for years, but have no answers as to how it happens. The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is only part of the amazing story of the Monarch. Most Monarchs are born in the northern United States or Canada, but they can then migrate up to 3000 miles to spend the winter in Mexico. What is amazing about this migration is that butterflies never meet their parents, but they are able to fly to the same tree in Mexico their parents or grandparents wintered at the year before. There have even been documented cases where it has taken three generations of butterflies to complete the round trip. How they are able to find the same tree is another of the mysteries of the Monarch butterfly. Monarch butterflies are one of the best examples of design in God's Creation, for none of the stages of caterpillar/butterfly development occur by chance, the central principle of the religion of evolutionism. The facts show that God programmed every stage of the caterpillar/butterfly life cycle. If there were no other evidence of design in God's Creation than caterpillars and butterflies, this alone would be enough to show the fact of His design in His Creation. FROM http://www.projectcreation.org/Spotlights/Nov02.htm



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